• Experience

    We are experienced and very engaged team with a huge knowledge of fish and seafood. "Fish Friends" consists of some of the best specialists in the industry. Many years of experience makes us know the market and we know what to do aiming at customers needs and expectations. Our know how makes a difference.


    We import, distribute and export from each and to every place. We offer the highest quality fish and seafood from all over the world.
    Through excellent relations with our suppliers, we get to the source. Our products come directly from the largest producers in the world from Iceland, Norway, Faroe Islands, Greenland, the Netherlands, Spain, South America, North America and others.


    "Fish Friends" is involved at every stage of the supply chain providing the quality of our services every day, focusing on the high level of selection of offered products . We have huge ambitions to look for new species of fish and place them on the Polish market. Our plan to achieve this goal will be based on responsible obtaining of raw materials from the various locations around the globe.
    Everything performed by our full of passion team of friends.