• Fish Friends - full of passion

    It is not only passion for fish and experience, but first of all friendship. We are a team that puts relationships above business and believes in values such as respect and long-term relationships – that’s the most important thing in business.
  • Products - wild nature, WE ARE EXPERTS IN THIS MATTER

    We focus on wild-caught fish from sustainable and certified fisheries, from reliable suppliers. We realize that factors such as the period, catching area and way of fishing as well as the methods of processing, freezing, transporting and storaging have a giant impact to final quality of products. Our KNOW HOW makes us to keep in the highest esteem the above mentioned specifications resulting in implying constant selections during all the process.
    "Fish Friends" are people - WE KNOW EACH OTHER
    We are friends and we respect each other. Our strength is our crew, this is the real heart of "Fish Friends". Good employees are not only the key factor for the company - they are the company.